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Keep your mental health in check  in the workplace…

Work consumes our everyday life with tasks and responsibilities that we may sometimes take home. Once in a while, we forget to breathe and all the weight of our work responsibilities, dead lines, and problems affect our mental health. Once you have entered a negative cycle, you stop looking forward to work and even slack on your tasks. October 10th serves as a day to bring awareness to the importance of our mental health; we’d like to focus on our mental health in the workplace.

After all, a big percentage of people spend the majority of their time at work. Communication is a big issue in the workplace when it comes to mental health, many people don’t admit they are struggling. Workers often choose to ignore their mental health or invent fake events in order to not attend work on a day they are struggling. The workplace needs to have more support and engagement with the employees. Management also plays an important role in the way employees are doing. Management should cater to their employees; treat them well and they will take care of the rest.

Encourage collaborations between departments or individual employees to create connections.

  • Create a productive and creative atmosphere where all employees feel valued and respected.
  • Give feedback on work and assist those who are in need of inspiration.
  • Hold meetings to discuss any problems or to address any recommendations from the staff to make their work environment better.

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. Just acknowledging something an employee has done can go a long way.

Find out more on https://www.workplacestrategiesformentalhealth.com/