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Annually held on the last Saturday of September, this year being September 30th. Try to make the best of this day by spending time with your family and being active!

Not every one has the ideal job that allows you to spend time with your family like you’d want to.

Sometimes you only see them on weekends, every other day, and sometimes a hello or goodnight. On this day it is encouraged to take a little time from your day and be active with your family. Kids need exercise, and lets be honest sometimes the adults need a sprint.

Working at an office all day can be quite negative for your health since sitting down can cause issues with your physical and mental health which is why it is encouraged to take walks during your office hours. Why not take it outside the office as well. Even if you can’t be very active, cheer you kids on that soccer game! Go out to the pool on a hot day and enjoy swimming, volley ball, or just lounging and getting your tan on. Your kids will surely be having a blast. Maybe a picnic with the family?  Surprise the kids and take them to the park. Not only will it bring you closer, it will make you all happy and healthy!

Being fit with the family has many benefits such as:

  • Heart – Working out that very important muscle has a complete domino effect. Healthy heart wards off many diseases and improves blood circulation, cholesterol and fat levels.
  • Lungs – Exercise increases the lung capacity as your breathing rate is increased, oxygen intake improves  and shortness of breath is reduced.
  • Bones – Bone density as a child and as an adult is important. While being active, its important to have strong bones to prevent fractures.  Healthy and strong bones also aids in preventing bone diseases such as osteoporosis.
  • Emotional well-being – Reports state people that participate in exercise feel more active, more awake and positive. Exercise is proven to reduce stress levels and serotonin levels are higher which contributes to feelings, appetite, and lessening of mental depression.

Exercise includes these benefits and many more. While something gets healthy and strong another part of your body is benefiting from it.

Be together as a family and enjoy a beautiful day. National Family Health and Fitness Day USA promotes families to engage in physical activities together.

Here is an article to find out some of the ways you can celebrate this day.