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September 27th, National Women’s Health & Fitness Day!

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Make sure to stay active, whether it’s walking, running, doing some yoga or even breathing exercises can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some tips that boost up your health!

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet: Have your fair share of veggies, fruits, along with protein. As you age, food starts affecting you and sometimes you might have to change your diet due to changes in your body. It’s also important to pay attention to calorie intake and avoid processed foods. Making sure you’re at a healthy weight for your height helps prevent multiple illnesses that are related to weight.
  • Exercise often: Keep your heart strong by going for a quick run or maybe even just a stroll in the park. Keeping your body active promotes circulation and decreases chances of heart disease. There are many benefits to exercising that you wouldn’t think have any correlation but do. Exercising prevents muscle loss, improves digestion, decreases risk for osteoporosis and is good for your mental health. Those who are active report lower levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Keep your brain stimulated: Everyday, strive to learn or do something. Read a new book, finish a crossword puzzle, or watch a documentary.  Many studies have shown that keeping your brain stimulated can aid in preventing dementia.


Drink plenty of water, watch what you eat, and most importantly be happy with yourself. Your emotions influence your health and negative feelings such as anger and stress affect your health.