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Are you really collecting your total entitled reimbursement?

Daily complex reimbursement processes result in physicians losing approximately 20% of their revenue.


Get reimbursed faster

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Due to ongoing struggle with payers, inefficient healthcare and medical billing software, and processes, physicians and clinics are not receiving their full reimbursements.

This pressure makes physicians lose focus as they’re pushed to deal with administrative strain, staff issues, poor control and worse: a declining quality of life.

Conventional methods won’t bring higher reimbursement, because of the complexity of the physician revenue cycle:

  • Untracked underpayments, ignored/denied claims.
  • Poor in-practice controls (embezzlement, lost superbills, etc.)
  • Inappropriate AR methods (30/60/90 reports unfit for collecting)
  • Inappropriate software made for billing, not collecting.
  • Lack of proper staff support (training, effective collection tools, advice)

Get paid faster and in accordance with your contract, call Optimus Billing Services today.

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