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Provider Compliance Services

Compliance provides opportunity for:

Revenue increase

Risk reduction

Overhead reduction

Optimus’ provider compliance services seeks to reduce your risk by implementing a compliance plan that includes simplifying clinical documentation, strictly meeting proper coding, and reducing transcription volume (and its cost).

We acknowledge that proper coding is fundamental to maximize revenue and minimize your risk.

Our services include all phases of compliance with third party payor practices. Practices who have been audited trust Optimus to review their claims and medical records for accuracy.

Regulatory agencies and third-party payors have initiated aggressive audit programs to review compliance in both facilities and in small practice settings.

Get reimbursed faster

Collect more money

Spend less

Minimize your liability

A preventive approach minimizes risk, let us help you comply.

Our business is to increase the profitability of healthcare professionals. We have the right tools for your practice.