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National ER Nurses Day

Today we'd like to show a little bit of extra appreciation to the emergency nurses who dedicate their life to helping those in need.

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Family Health & Fitness Day USA

Annually held on the last Saturday of September, this year being September 30th. Try to make the best of this day by spending time with your family and being active!

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National HIV/AIDS & Aging Awareness (NHAAA)

Today, September 18th, serves as an annual observance of National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness (NHAAA), held by  and encourages awareness, testing and care for those in the aging population. You can visit some of these sites listed for more information! You may also contact  at 305-603-8200

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September- Childhood Cancer Awareness

  September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month and the second Friday of September is observed annually as Stand up to Cancer day in honor of those who are affected. 

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Why leave 20% Uncollected?

Are you really collecting your total entitled reimbursement?

Daily complex reimbursement processes result in physicians losing approximately 20% of their revenue.